Step by Step guide to looking after your skin

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guide to looking after your skin

Step 1 - Cleanse

Cleanse your skin with a cleanser. Removes makeup, surface grime and impurities.

Follow with toner suited to your skin type ie: dry, oily

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Step 2 - Toner

Essential second step to complete the cleansing process to ensure complete makeup removal, remineralises and gives the skin a boost of vitamins.

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Step 3 - Exfoliate

Exfoliate the skin once a week to remove dead skin cells and to reveal a smoother more youthful complexion.

Exfoliating prepares your skin to fully absorb a serum and nourishing day or night cream.

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Step 4 - Mask

Give your skin a boost once a week. Apply all over the face and neck, rince after 20 minutes with a warm flannel.

Deeply nourishes and plumps out fine lines to make the skin look more youthful looking.

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Step 5 - Serum

An everyday essential step to use before a moisturiser as it has a higher level of active ingredients than a moisturiser.

Gives your skin a boost of vitamins and minerals and deeply hydrates your skin. Use two pumps for maximum benefits before your moisturiser.

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Step 6 - Moisturiser

Your moisturiser locks in your serum that has been applied.

A moisturiser should provide an instant comfortable feeling on the skin.

It should nourish and hydrate you skin.

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Step 7 - Sunscreen

A tinted sunscreen gives you protection from harmful uv rays from the sun to prevent burning and skin cancer.

With a hint of colour it evens out the skin tone to make the skin glow with radiance.

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Recommended Step - Eye Cream

After moisturising - For the eye area a separate eye cream is recommended.

The eye area is a delicate area with finer skin.

Eye creams nourish, reduce fine lines and dark rings around the eye contour area.

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